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             This is the temporary new home of the Century Transportation Authority.   We’re in the process of creating our website, raising money to support the Authority’s creation, and recruiting five new board members to oversee the range of activities and projects that “CenTran” will be involved in. 

             CenTran is being formed in order to engage in the following activities:

· Creating a transportation system that utilizes train cars running on a guideway, together with the necessary passenger stations, terminals, parking facilities, related facilities or other properties and facilities necessary for the system  -  including  passenger and vehicular access to and from people-moving systems, including fixed guideway light rail systems (which include any tram and trolley systems such as the waterfront trolley or the streetcar in the South Lake Union area of City)

· Exercising all the powers provided to city transportation authorities under RCW 35.95A and other applicable law.

· Providing a forum in which people and organizations can work together for the common transportation or mobility good of themselves and their community;


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