Opening for an Individual to Provide Project Communications Services



To transmit letter of inquiry or to indicate your interest related to providing communications services for the project and organization, please attach a letter of interest, resume or send other related information using this link.  No phone calls please.  Thanks. 

What we are looking for:

Provide plan to provide information to members of the public, project advisory group, CenTran stakeholder advisory committee, and elected officials understand how the project and cost estimates were developed, why some locations were selected, what costs will be incurred by the project, what financing is in play, and what key assumptions are behind any and all aspects of the project.

Members of the public, project advisory group, CenTran stakeholder advisory committee, and elected officials need to be able to use the information provided to make decisions about their participation in the project, how they will support the project.

It is necessary to gain credibility as a transportation provider by providing updated project cost information in time for any project milestone, including prior to any elections or legislative sessions.

Communications director will set context for these milestones, will respond quickly to questions and requests for additional information.

Other Goals:

No surprises and manage up: Keep public, project partners, advisors, and stakeholders  informed through calls, briefings, and materials.

No surprises for key elected officials. Conduct phone calls with elected Officials, hold briefings with legislators, or send follow-up e-mail once data is available on program Web sites.

Coordinate with media to provide information to the general public.  Hold regular media briefings to review the project progress, cost and transportation data and answer questions as they come up. Be available for follow-up questions.

Lead with the Web. Regularly update  Web sites. Use the program web sites and email announcements to alert public of new information.

Manage down: Inform all members of the CenTran program team as content on the project and cost estimates becomes available on the program Web sites.

Contact Information:

3213 W Wheeler  No. 271

Seattle, WA  98199

206-660-8290                 Leave Message