Interim CTA Board Membership Details

To transmit letter of inquiry or interest related to CTA board member opening, and to attach resume or send other related information please use this link.† No phone calls please.† Thanks.†

Board members are needed for start-up community transportation authority being organized pursuant to RCW 35.95A.†

Board members will be actively involved in all facets of City of Seattle transportation planning work and related regional transportation planning work, in terms of how they relate to CenTranís transportation systemís goals.

Board members will support the work of the Century Transportation Authority and any associated spin-off entities.

Board members will provide mission-based leadership, strategic governance, and be involved in the search for and appointment of the Authorityís executive director; and to provide polity and guidance for the Authorityís director to follow.

Board Membersí responsibilities will include: setting policies, reviewing outcomes and metrics, establishing and approving the Authorityís annual budget, providing audit reports, making material business decisions, and meeting all, legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

Interim Board terms will be for a minimum of 14 months.† Permanent board member terms will be for five years.

Preferred Qualifications: Experience with City of Seattle or Washington state issues, preferably transportation related, or a record of involvement with Seattle neighborhood affairs that includes some transportation matters experience. The experience should be at least† two years, demonstrate a commitment to public service, and involve in-depth† participation in terms of issue complexity, and be a public or documented record of participation.

Additional Considerations for Potential Board Members:† Expertise in a specific area which can help CenTran flourish is desirable.†† For example, special knowledge, education, or experience in one or more of the following fields:† legal, financial, economic development, real estate, transportation, public or private infrastructure development or construction experience.†††

Leadership and management experience, especially with publicly or privately funded transportation .†

Commitment to the project. Board members must be interested in the Authorityís business and its continued well-being. They should not be serving just for the money or for personal interests.

Possess the time and energy to devote to board duties. Board members will be expected to spend time preparing for and attending board meetings, and to serve on additional committees.

Integrity and lack of a conflict of interest. Board members will need to sign a conflict of interest statement and they must act in the best interest of the business, not their own individual or business interests. For example, a board member who profits from his or her service on a board of directors may put the entire project in jeopardy.


Contact Information:

3213 W Wheeler† No. 271

Seattle, WA† 98199

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