Opening for Individuals to Provide Graphic Renderings for:     

1.     Bridge Design

2.     Transportation Map of CTA System

3.     Multi-Purpose/Multi-Mode Main System Terminal



To transmit letter of inquiry about any of the graphic jobs or to indicate your interest related to providing artist, engineering or architectural renderings for a bridge structure, or to provide  a transportation map of the CTA system and stations, or artist renderings for the main terminal, please attach a letter of interest, resume or send other related information using this link.  No phone calls please.  Thanks. 

What we are looking for:

1. Bridge Design:  In regards to the bridge structure, would like rendering showing a new multipurpose draw bridge crossing Salmon Bay to the West of present Ballard Bridge.  Rendering would include three to four views, aerial, profile, landings on north side or south side of bridge, and a view that includes multiple users of the bridge on the bridge, pedestrians, bicyclists, and passenger rail cars. 

2. Transportation Map of CTA System:  Looking for a colored, isometric rendering of the CTA system; looking for something similar to those in use by existing transit/train systems  -  here  and here

3. Renderings of CenTran’s main terminal, Terminal Landing:  Drawings will capture the essence of the Terminal, its uses, ambience, and local culture, as per the following description:

Terminal Landing will be located in the center of Seattle’s Central Waterfront, on the western edge of Downtown Seattle.  It will be a local landmark and a focal point of both the Waterfront and the city of Seattle.

It will be a  major multi-modal, regional transportation hub for daily commuters and Seattle residents who ride CenTran’s mainline, or who are connecting with nearby ferry, light rail or transit lines.

The Terminal’s retail space will accommodate space for individual retailers, on three levels, with outdoor storefronts, interior balconies, a Main Concourse, with food-related uses, shopping, and personal services.

The CTA seeks to maximize the long-term aggregate revenues that it will derive from the leasing of the commercial space at the Terminal (taken as a whole), while making available to commuters and others an appropriate mix of goods and services and maintaining a level of quality commensurate with the Terminal’s hoped for status as a local landmark and one of Seattle’s greatest public spaces.

Representative renderings for examples: 

CalTrans   1  and  2      Anaheim    Seattle-Tacoma Airport 

Contact Information:

3213 W Wheeler  No. 271

Seattle, WA  98199

206-660-8290                 Leave Message